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About Nancy

From the mossy, rocky woods and shores of Michigan's  Upper Peninsula, artist Nancy J. Bailey was influenced by the wildlife surrounding her.  She has been drawing pictures and writing stories since she was two years old. Unable to decide which medium is her favorite, she works in acrylics, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink and pencil.  Her specialty is equine art, having a love for horses, and sharing her life with two Morgans.


Nancy has authored several books, the most recent being, "The North Side of Down", a collaboration with her sister, Amanda.  Born with Down syndrome, Amanda is a wisecracking mix of uncanny wisdom, hilarity and sass.  She recently endured a belligerent guardianship dispute following the death of her dad.  This is her story.

Nancy's horse Clifford inspired her to write several books about him, beginning with "Clifford of Drummond Island" then, "Return to Manitou", and most recently "Clifford's Bay".  All are true stories. Nancy ventures into adult fiction with, "My Best Cat", a murder mystery, and "Holding the Ladder", a novel. Nancy is also an award winning playwright. She currently lives in Michigan with several dogs and her horses, Clifford and Trudy.

For updates on Nancy's art and books, follow her blog!

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