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Someone once described me as a "woodsy ragamuffin." This is pretty accurate, except for the seemingly incongruous fact that, like many thespians, I enjoy dressing up. There are various reasons people do stage plays: A love of the arts; a desire to be someone else at least temporarily; an urge to behave erratically in a public forum. While all these apply to me, my main reason is that I am, quite simply, a ham. I love karaoke too. There's nothing like bopping around on stage, swinging a microphone and forcing a crowd of strangers to listen to my  (maybe slightly off-key) version of, "Tracks of My Tears." 


About twenty years ago my ex husband got me this horse.  I think it was to get me on someone else's back.  Apparently, it didn't work.  But I still have the horse.  Maybe it's because I have no primate children, but Clifford seems to have adopted a lot of my habits.  He likes sweets.  He loves to be in the woods.  He loves to be on stage.  And he likes to paint pictures.


Now I am an award-winning artist.  Clifford seems to want to compete with me.  I don't have the heart to tell him that his work sucks.  I mean, it's all abstract, but still...


See Below:  Mine is on the left, and Clifford's is on the right.  I mean, really?




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