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A lively Morgan loaded with personality, Clifford has been providing inspiration since the early '90's when Nancy brought him home as a crooked-legged two year old colt.  Since that time he has traveled all over Michigan, and even as far as Long Island New York, and Davie Florida, to promote his stories.  Being house trained, Clifford visits libraries and schools to promote literacy and respect for life.  He paints with watercolors and may the only horse in the world who signs his own biography.  See more about Clifford by following him on Facebook.

Clifford of Drummond Island
Did you know a horse can have a sense of humor?

This true story began when the author's first horse died. Grief stricken, Nancy went to the same breeder for another Morgan. She thought she was "settling" when she purchased an undersized two-year-old colt instead of the mare she wanted. She was in for a big surprise! Follow the adventures of Clifford as he wins the hearts of those around him, while romping in the scenic wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Combined are tales of hand-fed chickadees, a playful hawk, a loyal German shepherd, and a unique way of life. This second edition includes the charcoal drawings by the author originally intended for the first edition, but were too detailed for the printing capabilities at the time.  Hilarious, heartbreaking and unforgettable, this is a story destined to become a classic.  The real Clifford is alive and well and visits libraries and schools, where he paints with watercolors and signs his own biography.
Return To Manitou


Did you know a horse can teach you what true moxie is?


A yearling whitetail buck encounters a hunter and then wrestles for his life.  A boy falls through the ice and finds an ingenious way to save himself.  A German shepherd chases away an apparition.  All are episodes of the courage displayed in, "Return to Manitou".  In this poignant and touching sequel to "Clifford of Drummond Island", two Morgan horses live by example, showing their owner how to survive injury, tragedy and grief.  A true story and an unforgettable read.

Clifford's Bay

Did you know that a horse can be your best friend?


Four years in the making and beautifully illustrated by the author, the adventures of Clifford continue in book 3 of the "Clifford Horse" series. It begins when Nancy's trick dog Scorch is diagnosed with lymphoma. Her Morgan horses Clifford and Trudy carry her through the days that follow, as Scorch goes through chemotherapy and Nancy faces one crisis after another. This is an inspiring look at how animals can help us on our life's journey, providing spiritual guidance, and even making us laugh along the way.

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