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My Best Cat

A Furry Murder Mystery


Roxanne Moore had many enemies who shared her hobby of showing cats. Among her other bad habits, she stole things from people: Cats, jewelry, sometimes even husbands. So when her strangled body is found in the restroom at the largest cat show in the country, no one is really surprised. But it’s the beginning of a crime investigation into the edge of lunacy known as the Cat Fancy.

Kim Norwich is the plucky redheaded security guard who takes the murder personally, as it happens on her watch. She is forced to step aside as the criminal investigation ensues. Even though she has sworn off men, she finds herself helplessly attracted to the detective in charge, Rob Reynolds.


Part romance, part mystery, MY BEST CAT is an uproarious and sometimes naughty story chock full of feline history, outrageous characters, plot twists, hilarity, and of course, the cats themselves. Kenya Strut, SoSuMe and Hot Purrsuit provide sanity for their glory-seeking owners. Who committed this heinous crime? Who will be Best Cat? Who has the jello shots? This frisky tale is sure to keep you on your toes.


"Absolutely don't read this book in public, unless you don't mind people staring at you when you are laughing out loud!"  - Katherine Firch


Listen to Chapter One Here:



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